Sujet : Negistor replication
Date : 15/06/01 08:49:16 Paris
From: (Roger Burley)
To: ('')

Hi its Roger,

    I thought you would be interested in this ,the coil is not the best but is was at hand ,so I used it.
    I have and LCR impedance bridge and on the bridge the coil was 5.7 mH  but the Q was 5 , the wire was very thin and I do not think the core was ferrite , lated on I will use a better coil.

    Interesting , in fig A the device works like a neon discharge oscillator. In fig A  wave form at point A


        In fig B, Ch1 wave form is point A and Ch2 wave form is point is B   , the coil was one I had around and its Q was     low  ,not a
good coil.

Also when I put one turn of wire around the core and short it ,the wave form at point b reduced but the input current did not seem to notice.

    All the best  Roger

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