A 30 mn test run with the Cold Fusion Reactor v4.0
created on May 8, 2003 - JLN Labs - Last update September 5, 2003
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1 - The Cold Fusion Reactor v4.0 - Description :

The purpose of this test is to conduct a 30 minutes test run on the CFR v4.0 and to calculate its efficiency with two different methods ( before and after the cool down period ). The electrical power input is measured directly on the power grid with an electronic Power-Meter.

The Cold Fusion Reactor ( CFR ) v4.0 uses a big 5000 mL Dewar vessel filled with 2000 mL of demineralized water and 55.3 g of Potassium Carbonate ( K2CO3 ), the electrolyte solution used is 0.2 molar ( 0.2 M, ). The height ( 180 mm ) of the Dewar wall above the surface of the electrolyte avoids some eventual projections of electrolyte outside the reactor.

The Cathode used is a pure tungsten rod ( W ) 3 mm diameter and 45 mm length from tungsten TIG electrodes (WP) commonly used forTIG and Plasma welding. The Anode used is composed of stainless steel grid ( 50 x 160 mm ) maintained with a stainless steel  shaft. All the wires connections are made with a 1.5 mm2 copper flexible wire gained with silicon.

2 - Experimental test setup :

The CFR v4.0 is powered with a voltage of 204 V DC through a bridge rectifier connected through a variable transformer ( Variac ) to the 220V AC power grid line. The temperature has been measured with a type "K" temp probe ( NiCrNi ) connected on a VC506 digital multimeter ( -20°C to +1200 °C with an accuracy of +/- 3% ). The electrical power input is measured with Power-Meter EKM 265 ( An Energy-Cost-Checker ) directly connected to the grid line, the measured power include the power consummed by the Variac and the CFR power supply ( see the photo above ).

Technical Data of the Power-Meter EKM 265 :

- Supply voltage............ : 230 V AC / 50 Hz
- Tolerance..................... : + 1% + 3 digit
- Max. Current.............. : 11.6 A
- Max. Wattage............ : 2650 W for specified tolerance
- Surrounding temp...... : from +10°C to +40°C
- Protection Class......... : 2

This unit has been tested according to the following EC Directives :
89/336/EWG ( EMVG dated Nov 9, 1992, Electromagnetic Compatibility )
73/23/EWG ( GSG dated June 11, 1979, Low Voltage Regulation dated Feb. 19, 1973 )

3 - Test results :

A 30 minutes test run has been conducted with the CFR 4.0. After 30 minutes of run, I have decided to switch off the power supply because the reaction was becoming too violent inside the CFR. A great amount of steam was produced, see the photo below.

Test procedure :

1 - The CFR is filled with 2000 mL of a solution of Potassium Carbonate ( K2CO3 ) at 0.2 M. ( Ambient temp : 23°C ),
2 - The K2CO3 solution is pre-heated to
T1 = 75°C, a small magnetic steerer is used.
3 - The weight of the CFR cell, with its wires deconnected is
M1 = 4245 g
4 - Then, the wires are quickly re-connected and the power supply is swiched on while the power-meter is started for recording the power electrical power input,
5 - After
30 minutes of test run, the final temperature is measured ( T2a = 100°C ), the power supply is swiched off and the recording of the power-meter is stopped then immediatly the weight of the CFR cell is measured M2a = 3805 g,
6 - After few minutes of cool down and when the temperature of the solution is equal to
T2b = T1 = 75°C, the weight of the CFR cell is measured again M2b = 3780 g,

The measured electrical power input is 347 W/hour.

Notes from Jean-Louis Naudin : It is important to notice that the measured electrical power includes the power consummed by the Variac and the CFR power supply ( efficiency ~ 60% ). The real electrical power at the CFR input is lower due to the losses in the power supply itself and thus the true efficiency of the reactor is greater...

See the videos of the CFR v4.0 in action

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Demonstration of the CFR v4.0 in action

Click on the picture above to see the video ( 962 Kb )

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