Test of a lawn mower equipped with
Processor Multi-Fuels of Paul Pantone
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Created on 10-29-00 - JLN Labs - Updated on 10-29-00
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October 28th, 2000 : A FUEL CONSUMPTION TEST by JL Naudin

The purpose of this test is to :

The fuel used is a mixture of 75% of water ( 750 mL ) and 25% of gasoline 95 LL ( 250 mL )

The fuel mixture has been put in the bubbler of the retrofitted lawnmower with the Pantone reactor.

The engine has run at full speed during 8' 20" ( 500 sec )

After the run, the mixture has been measured

Results : After a 8'20" run at full speed,

There is 830 mL from the initial 1000 mL of the mixture.

The engine has used 120 mL of gasoline and 50 mL of water.

The fuel consumption is 20.4 mL per minute.

Comments : The main real interesting fact in the GEET Muti-Fuels processor is that this device is able to use any kind of hydrocarbures like crude oils, methanol, gasoline, various solvents, kerozen, bio-diesel mixed with water....

I have just started my retrofitted lawn mower test phase, more tests will be soon conducted about its efficiency.

Today, I can only say that the GEET Fuel processor works VERY WELL on my own retrofitted lawn mower according to the original Pantone diagram and observations :

  • The exhaust emission of the retroffited engine is far less and cooler than stardard engines,

  • the device operate on unconventional fuels,

  • the retrofit system replace a conventional carburetor.

This device is not a water engine, this device is a 4 stroke engine ( a LAV35 Tecumseh, 3.5HP ) which runs with its own multi-fuels miniature refinery on board... Very usefull for anyone those want to use any sources of hydrocarbures.......

For a good example about the fuel consumption in real conditions, look at below :

Le ChtiPantone, des tracteurs au PMC dans le Nord de la France

"Avant son installation, le tracteur consommait 12-15 L/h.
Lors du dernier essai contrôlé avec un broyeur de 3 mètres pendant 8 heures d'affilée, la consommation de gazole s'est stabilisée à 7.5 L/h pour une consommation d'eau de 1.7 L/h."

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